About Myfin.uk

Myfin.uk is a part of the Myfin Group Holding. The project is intended to assist UK users to make the right choice and reach their financial goals. Our team builds a service where we provide the latest and the most important data on currencies exchange rates. We help our users to solve their financial issues in a fast, convenient, and simple way.

The Myfin Group history

July 2012. A team of 3 smart and ambitious individuals (Alexey Panichev, Sergey Anikushin, Roman Kravets) founded Myfin Group. Myfin.by was officially launched as an online financial source with up-to-date information on currency rates and banking products (loans, deposits, bank cards) in the Republic of Belarus.

2014. Myfin.by becomes the most popular website in the finance category in Belarus.

2015. Myfin Group expanded its operations to Russia. Mainfin.ru and Bankiros.ru were launched. Real estate website Domovita.by was launched in Belarus.

2016. The "Bank of the Year" annual award was established in Belarus by Myfin and Association of Belarusian banks. It is an award that recognizes banks’ year-end performance. In 2020, 24 banks participated in 14 nominations. The winners were determined by voting results of more than 15,000 users of Myfin.by and 20 market experts.

2017. Financial marketplace Ru.Myfin.by was launched. It was ranked in the top 10 financial websites in Russia. Website monthly visits reached 1.2 million. The marketplace database includes more than 320 banks and financial institutions in Russia and over 2500 financial products.

2018. Bankiros.ru got in TOP-3 of Yandex rating in the finance category. Myfin.by was in TOP-5 of most visited websites in Belarus.

December 2018. Myfin Group becomes a resident of High Technologies Park.

January 2020. Myfin Group raised around $10M from "Zubr Capital" investment fund. Buying stake in Myfin Group was the second portfolio deal for the largest investment fund in Belarus Zubr Capital Fund I administered in High Technologies Park.

2020. Myfin Group expanded its operations to Portugal (Myfin.pt), UK (Myfin.uk), France (Myfin.fr), Spain (Myfin.es), USA (Myfin.us). Myfin mobile app was released.

The founders

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Alexey Panichev
Leads SEO, IT and US market development
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Roman Kravets
Leads market development on Belarus market
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Sergey Anikushin
Leads sales and marketing in Russia

Project team

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Nastassia Matsulevich
Project manager for Europe and North America
User photo
Alexander Gorshkov
User photo
Denis Filippovich
User photo
Alexandra Ivleeva
User photo
Abdul Gadzhiev
User photo
Hanna Volkava
Financial and product expert
User photo
Andrei Sobalevich
Marketing specialist

Myfin Group Mission

Our mission is to connect banks and customers. We are providing high-tech digital solutions to find loans, deposits, currency exchange rates, and other financial information.

We strongly believe in transforming the financial market into a better place both for the banks and their customers.

Our values:

  • Being responsible to:
    • our users
    • partners
    • our team
    • investors
    • ourselves
  • Being result-oriented
    • We are focused on achieving the maximum results and we go for it.
  • Being open
    • to communicate and interact with our users
    • to team spirit, partnership and willingness to help each other
  • Being innovative
    • We are striving to introduce new ideas, bring improvements and offer new products
  • Being proactive.
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    Myfin team
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    Myfin, 5 years of operation
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    Bankiros.ru Team
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    Growth-hacking learning
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    Office games
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    Office games
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    Bank of the year ceremony, 2016
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    Bank of the year ceremony, 2016
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    Bank of the year ceremony, 2018
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    Bankiros.ru, 4 years of operation
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    Corporate party event
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    Corporate canoeing
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    Corporate canoeing
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    Myfin and Zubr Capital